Tuesday food diary

Went a little over syn-wise yesterday, so i’m gonna aim to stay within 15 i think.

– Peppermint tea x 2
– Tinned Pineapple drained (2.5 syns) and Stawberries

– Lettuce
– Tuna
– Cucumber
– Egg
– Flavoured Sugar Free Water
– Sweet Chilli Sauce (1 Level Tbsp 1 syn)
– Boots Shapers Melon and Mango
– Cheeky Milkbar (3 syns)

– Chicken stir fry with vegetables and fry light
– Blue Dragon Sweet and Sour sauce (60g 2.5syns)
– Medium noodles
– Milkybar (3 syns)

– Skips (4 syns)

Total Syns 16


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