Thursday Food diary & update

So i guess if you follow this blog that you’ve noticed there hasn’t been a lot of activity in the last week or so, i’ve been on holiday in Turkey, Kusadasi to be precise, and since coming home my iPhone died and is no more. So no photos, no nail updates etc.

So holiday over, time to jump back on the proverbial (diet) horse.

Whilst i was away i didn’t stick it plan AT ALL. Bread, chocolate, sweets. Loved it!
I was dreading getting on the scales when i got back on Sunday but turns out i only put on 3lbs. which wasn’t too terrible at all.

I also purchased a dress from the Kusadasi market, a pretty dress with a friggin’ New Look tag on it, AND a size 12, to be honest I didn’t think i was gonna fit in it, but I did and there was even a little extra room! I’ve NEVER fitted into a size 12 ever!, that made my holiday!

I also forgot to weigh in this morning so I’ll be doing that tomorrow!

Anyways, back to the food diary.

Satsumas x2
Alpen light choc and fudge (Hex B)
Peppermint tea
Tea with a splash of milk

Oven cooked chicken with southern spices
Sweet Chilli Sauce (around 3 syns?)
Skips (4.5 syns)
Pepsi Max

Spag Bol
2 x satsumas

Total syns 7.5


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