Monday catch up & food diary.

Well you might of noticed i ‘forgot’ to share with you my dinner on friday and generally as a rule i don’t tend to blog my weekends anyway. Well i had a bit of a slip up over the week, KFC, Mcdonalds and cider (i did however stick to my swapping pints and pints of cider for Vodka’s and diet cokes, and diet redbull) so i wasn’t too upset by the volume of what i drank.

Finally booked our holiday, and we’re off to an all-inclusive 4* hotel in Turkey next weekend for a week. I’m so so SO excited for it, but the one thing that really scares me is the all inclusive part. I LOVE food.

I weighed in yesterday, a few days late, and only managed to lose 0.5lbs. Which to be fair after 2 weeks of STS, i’m happy with, even after a cheeky KFC AND Mcdonalds!

Anyway. Back to the food diary.
I’m going to push this week for being a red week. But we’ll see how that goes, if i’m struggling a few extra easy days won’t hurt.

– Activia 0% Fat free Mandarin
– Apple x 2
– Sugar free orange squash
– Alpen Light Choc & Fudge x 2 ( HEX B)

– 2 boiled eggs
– Lettuce
– Cucmber & Gherkins
– Tuna (in spring water)
– Skips (4.5 syns)
– Sugar Free Mountain Dew
– Activia 0% Fat Free Mandarin

– Pork
– Mash
– Carrots & cauliflower
– Glass of diet coke

– Yum Yum ( i don’t even want to know how many syns these are!)
– Animal Biscuits (5 syns)

– Apple

Total Syns 16 Syns

17 Minutes on the cross trainer


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