Thursday food diary

Yesterday was a good day food-wise until we got to Lakeside. Taco Bell happened.
Still i enjoyed it, it was tasty, i’m not overly bothered. Today i was supposed to weigh in, but i stayed at the boyfriends and don’t want to use his scales. (they always tell me i weigh less!)

i’m gonna go for a red day today.

– Melon
– Alpen Light Bar Choc & Fudge x2 (HEX B)
– Diet Coke

– Heinz Tomatoe Soup Squeeze & stir (7 syns! – if i’d of known when i was buying i wouldn’t of  bothered!)
– Fish sticks
– Activia Snackpot Peach (1/2 syn)

– Hoping to have oven roasted chicken, with roasted veg like what i had on Monday.


Total Syns

– Swimming for a couple of hours and 20 mins on the cross trainer.


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