Wednesday food diary

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day in reference to staying to my syn allowance, over buy just half!

I’m not sure how today will go, well i know breakfast and lunch will be ok, just dinner. I’m picking up my boyfriend from work and we’re heading over to Lakeside shopping centre as the bottom of my Mac has decided to peel off. Theres a Taco Bell over there. I’d only have the taco salad they do, for some reason there are apparently 770 cals in it (taken from their US site as for some reason they don’t list the calories on the UK site, which is helpful…) surely there can’t be THAT many! i hope not anyway, it’s yummy!

Anyway, back to today, today i’m having a red day.

– Tesco fruit salad bowl
– Alpen Light Choc & fudge x 2 (HEX B)
– Perfectly Clear Lemon and Lime sparkling water

– Lettuce with cucumber & gherkins
– prawns and seafood sticks
– Muller light toffee
– Melon

– Not sure yet.


Total Syns

– None today as i’m staying at the boyfriends.


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