Monday food diary

So this weekend, if i’m honest i didn’t stick to plan much at all. I had a kebab after the pub on friday, a chinese on saturday, a sausage roll from Greggs on sunday and my boyfriend cooked me a chicken, ham & cheese kiev and onion rings for dinner last night. Not too mention the pints of cider i’ve consumed too.

This week i plan to follow mainly red daysHowever it’s Monday and i’m back on plan.

– Alpen Light double chocolate bar (1/2 HEX B)
– Apple
– Banana
– Perfectly Clear Lemon & Lime Sugar Free 1.5lt

– Mug Shot Tomatoe & Herb (12 syns on red – ouch!)
– Fish sticks
– Hartley’s Strawberry Jelly Sugar Free (1/2 syn)
– Banana

– Roast Chicken
– Roast vegetables cooked in balsamic vinegar and fry-light.
– Mushrooms, red onion, Aubergine, courgettes, tomatoes and garlic

– Drifter (5 syns)
– Lean ham

Total Syns – 17.5

– 12 mins on my new cross trainer! (thats the most i could manage, gonna slowly increase the time to build up to a longer workout)


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