Friday food diary

So yesterday wasn’t too bad in the way of what i ate. Although dinner was a bit of a write-off. We went out with my boyfriends dad and his wife-to-be. I had a full english with hash browns, i mean i couldn’t just leave them sitting there on the plate could i?! I was good and left the bread and took the fat off the bacon….

Anyway, i’m hoping that today’s better but i guess it again depends on dinner.
I’m also off out tonight for drinks, as its been a LONG week at work this week. I am swapping my usual pint of strongbow and blackcurrent for vodka and coke though. So if i do end up having a kebab i won’t feel as bad!

– Diet Coke
– Activia Snackpot Peach (1/2 syn)

– slice of lemon drizzle cake (5 syns)
– sugar free polo’s

– boots sushi (2.5 syns)
– sugar free red bull
– boots shapers mango and melon


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