Thursday food diary

Yesterday was good, i stayed within my syn allowance for the second day runnning which i’m super pleased about. I did decide yesterday that today i would start the Slimming World ‘Red Days’ diet rather than the extra easy to try and wake my belly up.

But heres to another day of hopefully staying within my syn allowance.

– Coco pops + milk (5 syns)
– Activia Snackpot Raspberry 

– Apple
– Co-op flavoured spring water
– Alpen Light Choc & Fudge bar (1/2 Hex B)

– Gherkins
– Chicken
– Bacon (de-fatted)
– Lettuce
– Peppers
– Activia Snackpot Raspberry
– Boots Shapers fruit pot Melon & Mango

– Apple
– Alpen Light (1/2 HEX B)

Dinner (Went out for dinner at the Hungry Horse)
– Eggs
– Sausages (3 syns)
– Beans
– Flat Mushroom
– Hash browns (9 syns)
– Bacon (de-fatted)
– 2 x vodka & diet coke (5 syns)

Total Syns 22 😦

None tonight


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