Wednesday food diary

Yesterday was a good day, it’s been one of the first days i’ve actually stuck to my 15 syns a day. I think recording what i’m eating is definitely working. Swimming yesterday was fun also, but was super hungry when i got in, i ate dinner before i went as i didn’t go till 8. Super wanted a pack of crisps of a sandwich but i settled for fresh pineapple instead. I didn’t want to at the time but i’m glad i did now.

Going to start doing weekly weigh in’s on Thursdays. (i mean i do weigh everyday anyway – know i shouldn’t but i find it helps keep me on track.

Off swimming again tonight.

– Grapes (snack pack)
– Co-op orange and cranberry sparkling water (sugar free)
– Alpine Light Choc & fudge (1/2 HEX B)
– 2 Apples
– Diet coke

– New potatoes
– Crab sticks
– Sweetcorn
– Gherkins
– Fresh Pinapple
– Boots Shapers Maple popcorn (4.5 syns)

– Tesco Light Choices Chicken and Broccoli Pie (7.5 syns)
– Steamed Veg, Carrots, Broccoli etc
– Activia Snackpot Peach (1/2 syn)

Total Syns – 12.5 syns

Swimming for an hour


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