Tuesday food diary

Today is a new day. I snacked a little more than i should of yesterday, due to not knowing whether i’d have enough time to eat before i went to the gym, so a packet of crisps, a few crackers and a slice of ham later, i get a text from my gym buddy cancelling on me. So then i actually had dinner. Which wasn’t too terrible.

I made up some of those Weight Watchers dessert whips, and YUCK. Nastiest after taste ever, and for 2 syns, it wasn’t worth it AT ALL. GROSS.

Anyways, yesterday wasn’t too bad on a whole. Onwards and upwards right?

Happy Tuesday.

– Alpine Light choc & fudge x 2
– Activia Snackpot 0% fat Peach (1/2 Syn)
– Perfectly clear summer fruits water

– New potatoes
– Carrots
– Gherkins
– Crab Sticks
– Boiled Egg
– Irn Bru diet

Dinner (not sure yet!)
– Chicken fried in fry light
– Mushrooms
– Tomatoes
– Sweet chilli stir fry sauce (5 syns)
– Noodles

– Animal biscuits x 2 (10 syns)
– Apple
– Fresh Pineapple

Total Syns 15

Swimming for an hour, around 20 lengths.


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