Monday – food diary

This weekend hasn’t actually been too terrible diet wise. Well minus the 7/8 pints of cider on Saturday evening.

Usually it’s the weekends that keep me from continuously losing weight each week. I don’t know why but somehow I feel the need to ‘reward’ myself for eating good during the week but over do it!

I did have a cheeky kebab after my million pints of cider. But it was SO good!

Anyway back to today.

– perfectly clear summer fruits sparkling water
– apples
– alpine light bars double chocolate x 2 (HEX B)

– Mug Shot tomato and herb
– Crab Sticks
– Muller light toffee
– Apples
– Diet irn bru

– Quorn sausages x2
– Baked Beans
– Mushrooms
– Tomatoe sauce (3 sysn)

– Bag of squares (5 syns)
– Blueberries
– Crackers x3 (9 syns)

None tonight.

Total Syns – 17

What diet are you following? Do you find any particular exercises work better than others? Like Zumba? Or any cardio?


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