It begins (well it began in Dec 2011)

I’ve been following the Slimming world diet since December last year, and to this date have lost a mere 12lbs (mostly due to not really following it at the weekends, i mean i’m 24 and do like to party with a few ciders after a busy week of work!) but i’m safely out of the 14’s and i’m nearly entering the 12’s, well i’m 2lbs away currently.

I’ve never been a ‘happy size’. Since being with my boyfriend for nearly two years i piled on around a stone and a half i guess most people would call that being ‘comfortable’,  and it was only until I realised the reason why I HATED looking at pictures of myself. I was fat. So i decided to do something about it.

This blog will hopefully feature food diarys, my thoughts on dieting, my week in instagram photos, photos on my progress and hopefully help me on my path to losing just under 3 stone. My starting weight was 14 stone. My goal weight it to be 11 stone (anythin less is a bonus!) I’ve never been that weight. I currently weigh 13.2lbs.

Here’s to following to my goals.


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